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MARCH 30/00

Just a quick note - Jason Singh has been added to a poll booth, which is to determine the hottest guy of 2000! He needs your help to become #1! Head on over to now!

MARCH 17/00

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!
Taxiride will be coming back to Australia for another tour in April/May. Here are the dates so far (unconfirmed)...

19 Wed Castlehill RSL Club *
20 Thu Parramatta Leagues Club *
21 Fri Manly Leagues Club *
22 Sat Shellharbour Workers Club *
23 St. George Leagues Club *
24 Mon Mingarra RSL Club *
26 Wed Melbourne - t.b.c.
27 Thu Melbourne - t.b.c.
28 Fri Prince of Wales, St. Kilda
29 Sat Melbourne - t.b.c.
30 Sun Hallam Hotel

* with Deadstar & Sneak

2 Tue Heaven, Adelaide
4 Thu Metropolis Concert Club, Fremantle
5 Fri Metropolis Concert Club, Fremantle
6 Sat Hotel Peninsula, Mandurah
7 Sun The Craic, Sorrento Quay

Also, the video for 'Can You Feel' is out in Australia! Keep watching if you haven't seen it, and apparently Tim Watson has a cool new 'do!


Taxiride's new video for 'Can You Feel' has been shot, and should be on Australian television soon (if not already).
The boys have wrapped up their Australian and New Zealand tour dates, and are now off to Europe for a promotional tour. Here are the details:

26 Sat Depart Australia
27 Sun Arrive Hamburg
28 Mon Hamburg - off/recover
29 Tue Hamburg - showcase (electric/acoustic)

1 Wed Hamburg - promotion
2 Thur Baden-Baden - promotion
3 Fri Munich - promotion
4 Sat Travel to London - off
5 Sun London - photosession
6 Mon London - photos if necessary/travel to Amsterdam
7 Tue Amsterdam - promo
8 Wed Bristol - showcases
9 Thur London - showcases
10 Fri London - promotion
11 Sat London - off
12 Sun Travel to Paris
13 Mon Paris - promotion
14 Tue Paris - showcase
15 Wed Travel to Stockholm/Stockholm TV (acoustic)
16 Thur Stockholm - showcase
17 Fri Stockholm - promotion
18 Sat Stockholm - off
19 Sun Fly to Oslo
20 Mon Oslo - showcase
21 Tue Helsinki - showcase
22 Wed Helsinki - promotion/travel Budapest
23 Thur Budapest - showcase
24 Fri Budapest - promotion
25 Sat Off/Travel to Madrid
26 Sun Madrid - Off
27 Mon Madrid - promotion
28 Tue Madrid - showcase
29 Wed Travel to Milan/Milan promotion
30 Thur Travel to London/London show/showcase
31 Fri London promotion

1 Sat Depart London Arrive Tokyo
2-9 Sun - Sun Promo (April 8 Tokyo showcase)
10 Mon Depart Tokyo

And for all those who have been asking and asking what Tim Watson's middle name is - it's Harcourt. =)


Well, I'm sorry the site hasn't been updated in a while, with exams in four subjects things get busy! But as for news about Taxiride... the new single "Can You Feel" is set for release next Monday, Feb. 7th. There will be two new b-sides.
Also, Taxiride will be playing a few more Aussie gigs before heading to New Zealand. Here are the dates for February so far...
1/2 Eastwood Hotel Sydney NSW
2/2 Dapto Leagues Club Dapto NSW
3/2 Newcastle Workers Club Newcastle NSW
4/2 Central Coast Leagues Club NSW
5/2 Blacktown RSL NSW
And there will be a new story in the feedback section in a few days too! Thanks for all your e-mails!


Well, no Y2K bug! Hurrah!
Taxiride news: The guys will be traveling to Europe and North America soon, but there are no confirmed dates as yet. The last Australian gig will be for contest winners on Hamilton Island around the end of the month!
The new single, "Can You Feel", should be released in Australia sometime this month!


There is a brand new Message Board on the main page for all to use! My nickname on there is "savagefreak", in case you were wondering... please enjoy!
Taxiride were in the studio apparently this past week recording the two new b-sides for the new single to be released in a few months. The single is going to be "Can You Feel".
The gus are now taking some well deserved time off!
The New Years gig is coming up! If you haven't bought your ticket yet, better buy it soon!


I'm afraid I forgot to mention this yesterday, but I have been e-mailed with the url for another VERY cool Taxiride page. Go here to visit SuGaRfReE.


The guys are finishing up their tour soon, Dec. 19th to be exact, before taking a well-deserved break off for Christmas. Merry Christmas guys!
On Feb. 21st of the new year, they are scheduled to back into the studio to record 2 new b-sides for the next single! Yay!
There is a new official site... you can find it here: There's going to be a fan club and on-line shopping in the near future too!
The very kind parents of Tim Watson have updated me on all sorts of Taxiride stuff! Thanks so much! And here it is...
The singles "Get Set" and 'Everywhere you Go' have gone GOLD
'Everywhere you Go' is a remix of the American release - more rocker!
The album has gone GOLD & PLATINUM in Aust, and hopefully before
Chrissie will go DOUBLE PLATINUM
Taxiride won best new artist single for 'Get Set' - ARIA (aust. record industy award)
The album 'Imaginate' debut in Australian charts at Number 1
Wnderful stuff! Thanks so much again! And here is a story I recieved from Emille. I will make a permanent page for these soon.

My name is Emille, I'm from Sydney (Wahroonga) and i met the band twice over the weekend! I went to their concert at Hawkesbury Sporting Club on Saturday 11th, my friends stood me up can you believe but i went anyway & i'm so damn glad i did. I met all the guys afterwards thanx to the t-shirt guy! I got photos with them and signitures and even some
hugs and kisses! Dan is so gorgeous, i talked to him for awhile, and told him i'd be in the front row at their final concert for Sydney at Wyong Rugby Leagues club. And by God i was there! And i met all the guys again!! It was the best!
Anyway, i had been having dreams about all the guys and i actually
dreamt that i went on tour with them as a back-up singer! WOW hey!
Well, Dan knows me now and i hope that i bump into him again real soon!
Thanx for the awesome music guys!
Luv emille. xxoo


Firstly, my sincere appologies to everyone who relies on this page! I've been busy with mid-term school work and *cough* Savage Garden *cough*. If you didn't already know, they are one of my fave bands and they just released their new album... but I digress, not much has been going on with our Taxiriders. The guys have been playing gigs around Australia opening for Mark Lizotte (sorry, being Canadian, I have no idea who the guy is...). Their show on New Years is still on, with tickets still available. Apparently going for $100... still worth it though, right? And because I was gone for so long, here's some random info I got from the kind souls who e-mail me... thanks guys!

Tim Watson: born 3rd June - Gemini
Tim Wild: born 17th October -Libra
Dan Hall: born 30th June - Cancer
Jason Singh: born 12th March - Pisces
Fave movie of the guys - Austin Powers
Fave female Artist - Natalie Imbruglia
If they could have any superhero power, they'd want X-Ray vision and the ability to become invisible
They prefer thin and crispy Pizza Hut crust
And even though it may be kinda old... their album debut on the ARIA charts at #1! Hurrah!

Well, I want to thank everyone again (a big hello to the parents of Tim Watson!) who e-mailed me. I really do appreciate it! If you do have any news, you can send it to me at And I'd love to post stories or thoughts from you guys on my site! Please, share!


Taxiride has won an ARIA award at this year's ceremony! They won the award for their first single "Get Set"!
Also, the webmaster of a new Taxiride site has e-mailed me. I checked out her page, and let me tell you, it rocks! It seems us Taxiride fans know how to make really good pages! Head on over to asap!
The lyrics for Voodoo Doll Sin will be posted soon. And does anyone know the songs and their order off the Australian release album? I'd love to know if it's different so I can post them! Thanks!
And thanks to everyone who has passed on info to me about the guys in the past while, it really does help! The quiz is currently being made up... more info would be nice though! Thanks again!

SEPT. 25/99

Taxiride has been nominated for 2 ARIA Awards this year! They are up against the like of silverchair, Savage Garden, and many others. Good luck to Tim, Jason, Dan & Tim as they aim to win 'em both!
Turns out the chat at was only with Tim Wild. Still looked like fun, though. A transcript is at Nothing In This World.

SEPT. 19/99

Well, there is really a lack of news... the single "Everywhere You Go" is out, so hopefully all you aussie fans (and any lucky international fans) are enjoying it!
The album will be out in 2 weeks in Australia. Yippee!
Someone has suggested I put up a quiz on the page, good idea! The only problem... lack of info. So, if you do know anything about Taxiride that I could use in a quiz, please e-mail me: Also, what do you think about a contest where you can win cd's? (Again, please e-mail me with your thoughts...)

SEPT. 1/99

So, lots to say!
Taxiride's Australian Album will be released on OCTOBER 4th! Save up that money! The single "Everywhere You Go" will be released in six days - Sept. 6th!
The Australian Tour Dates for the tour are as follows (thanks to the Official Taxiride Site):

(*Sigh* the drawbacks of living in Canada...)

AUGUST 25/99

So, some promo pics were put up on the Official Site. I'll put them here so you can admire the boys!

Tim Watson's bio is also now up at the Official Site (link above).

AUGUST 23/99

Alright, to begin, there will be a chat with Taxiride at on September 7th. The room opens at 6:30pm (Eastern), and the chat will begin at 7:00.
The debut album 'Imaginate' will be out in Australia in early October.
The 2nd single, "Everywhere You Go", will be in stores in Australia on September 6th. (Can someone pick me up a copy?)
And the boys all have their own fan e-mail addresses, here they are...
Tim Wild
Tim Watson
Dan Hall
Jason Singh

AUGUST 18/99

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I was working on the "great" new page. Not that much better, it's just more organized, and will (once completed) include more stuff. Unfortunatly, the audio section will only have one audio clip (but it will change each week) due to lack of space and fast software. But they will be in .wav format, so you should be able to save them each week...
Taxiride's first single "Get Set" recently reached #1 on the ARIA Australiasia (spelling is probably wrong!) chart! Yippee! Congrats Taxiride!
The album 'Imaginate' will be released very soon in Australia, as will their second single "Everywhere You Go". Save up your money, kids!
Also, it seems the Official Taxiride Site has not been up and running as of late. I do not know why... so there is little new news besides what I mentioned already.

JULY 31/99

Dan Hall's biography has been posted at the Official Site.
Also, as I'm sure you've read by now, I am re-designing the site, but to tell you the truth, it honestly won't be that much different. This is the first webpage I've ever made, so I guess that tells you how good I actually am. While I'm on the subject, I want to thank Tripod for their wonderful hosting service. Click on the link to start making a wonderful site like mine! (LOL)

JULY 21/99

The video for "Everywhere You Go" is almost ready to be released, according to the official site ( This is what they had to say about it...

"Before leaving for Australia, Taxiride spent two days shooting the video for "Everywhere You Go." It was directed by Nancy Bardawil, who has also directed videos for the Goo Goo Dolls and Hole.
"The filming took place at a giant warehouse and an electric company around Los Angeles on June 29th and 30th.
"The premise is that the band is trying to contact a girl in a hotel someplace far away. The band performs on a "mission control-like" set, which has been designed to transmit images and messages to the girl anywhere she is. Voila! "Everywhere You Go."
"We don't want to spoil it, but we will say that no pigeons were hurt in the making of this video!
"We think the video will look totally badass when it is finished."

In Australia, "Get Set" is at #8 on the charts, and is the #1 most played song! Congrats Taxiride!
And, there's a new Taxiride site... it's great! Visit asap!

JULY 9/99

Taxiride are scheduled to appear at the HMV Music Store (283 Bourke St.) in Melbourne on Sat. July 10, at 12pm. They will be doing an acoustic set. (Thanks to the Taxiride Fan Page - check it out! A link is on the links page)
As you can see on the first page, I have added Taxiride E-mail. The service is totally free, and lasts a lifetime! You can access your account from any computer (with internet access, of course) in the world, and there's no junk mail. If you have any questions, comments, etc., you can e-mail me at, or, as always,

JULY 6/99

Taxiride have wrapped up filming the new music video for 'Everywhere You Go', their new single. It should be out about a month, month and a half from now.
No plans for a tour as of yet, but later this year they may be showing off their musical talents in a city near you!
I have had NO feedback about a mailing list as of yet... feel free to sign the guestbook with your thoughts. In a weeks time, if I have next-to-no suggestions, the idea will be put aside for awhile.

JUNE 30/99

The Official Taxiride Site is now running (, with audio samples of all the songs!
MuchMusic still has not posted a transcript, and I have e-mailed them asking when and if it will be on their site.
I have been thinking about starting an on-line newsletter for Taxiride, with other writers. If you think this is a good idea, and are interested in either writing for or recieving the newsletter, please e-mail me with suggestions and/or your e-mail address (if you'd like to write).
I have also heard that Taxiride will be back in Australia soon, doing some in-store promo's in July. If you know of any dates and locations, please e-mail me.

JUNE 25/99

I have obtained the transcript from CNN, but I am still waiting for the transcript to be posted at the MuchMusic website. When I do get it I will post it.

JUNE 21/99

Well, flipping through the channels at home this afternoon, I saw on CNN a 'Australia Week' thing for the show 'Showbiz Today'. They had a whole bunch of music video clips of aussie music acts (ie Savage Garden, INXS, Men at Work, Midnight Oil, etc.) and a brief showing of Taxiride's 'Get Set' video, and a small clip of Jason Singh talking. I'm going to TRY to get a transcript of his brief, but noteworthy speech. If you know what he said, or have any Taxiride news, articles, etc., please e-mail me at

JUNE 19/99

So, sorry I didn't mention it before, but apparently Taxiride was on Muchmusic (Canada's MTV) on the 17th. I missed it, but I will post a transcript asap. If you have any other news, please e-mail me at

JUNE 8/99

YEAH! Taxiride's first album 'Imaginate' hits stores in the US today! A Canadian release date hasn't been posted. If you know when in Canada the cd will be released, please e-mail me - thanks! They are currently in the US, and soon they will move on to Europe.

There are 4 guys in the band; Jason Singh, Tim Watson, Tim Wild, and Dan Hall.

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