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Welcome to The Unofficial Taxiride Page! Taxiride is from Melbourne, Australia, and have released their debut CD in America. 'Imaginate' (the title of the cd) has now been released in their home country. It's four talented members (l to r; Jason Singh, Tim Wild, Tim Watson, Dan Hall), wrote, sang and played the great songs on the album. It's destined to be a classic!

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Hurrah! Finally!
The Taxiride Message Board!

WANTED: Hey guys! If you have any stories about meeting Taxiride, dreams you've had, funny things, basically whatever, please, e-mail me at the address above so I can add your stuff to the site! (all credit going to you, of course!)

The Unofficial Taxiride Page is Proudly Canadian!
(The reason behind me posting this is that one day I hope Taxiride realizes they have fans here, and so then they'll come and meet me! Maybe play a gig too!)

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News The latest news about Taxiride
Articles & Interviews A whack of written reviews on Taxiride
Audio Some cool clips from songs off Imaginate!
Biography Coming Soon! Info about the band and it's members
Discography Info about their CD's and Singles
Feedback Your chance to say what you want about Taxiride!
Links *Updated!* Links to great Taxiride sites
Lyrics Lyrics to the songs off 'Imaginate'
Pictures Pictures of the band
All about Jason! Coming soon! Everything to do with Jason Singh!
Let's hear it for Dan! Coming soon! Neat-o stuff involving Dan Hall!
The (Tim) Wild One! Coming soon! Cool info about Tim Wild!
The Tall One - Tim Watson! Coming soon! Facts about the very tall Tim Watson!

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