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My name is Emille, I'm from Sydney (Wahroonga) and I met the band twice over the weekend! I went to their concert at Hawkesbury Sporting Club on Saturday 11th, my friends stood me up can you believe but I went anyway & i'm so damn glad I did. I met all the guys afterwards thanx to the t-shirt guy! I got photos with them and signitures and even some hugs and kisses! Dan is so gorgeous, I talked to him for awhile, and told him I'd be in the front row at their final concert for Sydney at Wyong Rugby Leagues club. And by God I was there! And I met all the guys again!! It was the best!
Anyway, I had been having dreams about all the guys and I actually
dreamt that I went on tour with them as a back-up singer! WOW hey!
Well, Dan knows me now and I hope that i bump into him again real soon!
Thanx for the awesome music guys!
Luv emille. xxoo

Cool Emille! Thanks!

Here's a really long one, but cool! Do read!
(possible offensive language...)

...My Ride with TaxiRide...

Prologue -
Needless to say when I found out Taxiride were touring Sydney, I was pretty damned excited. So I whipped out my credit card and immediately booked 4 tickets for the Metro concert.
The show was absolutely amazing. I somehow managed to use my ‘irresistable charm’ and get myself to the front row, without having to wait through all of Simone Hardy’s set. 2 girls ‘saved’ me a spot. In return I went all out and bought them a Chupa Chup each. Hehe, small price to pay for my fabulous front row experience. Somehow my friends and I got separated, but I stayed in my front row spot. No WAY was I moving man! Although, I immediately regretted my decision to wear my brand new fuschia kitten heeled shoes. Ouch.
The most exciting point of the night was seeing Tim Wild walk straight past Kristy and myself, causing us to stare, point and giggle like total twits. We also had the ‘privilege’ of spotting 2 Home and Away stars. Oh joy. Also during the TaxiRide’s set I realised how friggin awesome they are. Seeing a band live always makes up my mind whether they are worth the effort of being a fan, and indeed TR are SO worth it! This night also made me realise that Jason is one sexy me strange but seeing him slurp down a VB and drag on a cigarette all while managing to sing his heart out...well basically I wanted to jump him right there and then. I am a sucker for the whole bad boy/rock and roll thing. So sue me!
Actually Jason waved right at me, well did this strange salute type wave thing. But hey, it could’ve been someone else....but at this point in time it was a HUGE DEAL to me. Highly exciting stuff!
So after the exhilarating show, I went and did the fan thing...and bought a groovy little TaxiRide tee shirt. It’s very comfy, and totally cute.
Of course we also watched the artist formerly known as Diesel ..Mark Lizotte. I have loved him since I was a kid, and he rocked! But this is a story bout Taxiride...not him...
So as you can tell this night was really just the beginning of my TaxiRide saga.....

Chapter 1 –

After seeing TR perform their little hearts out at the Metro, I decided I simply had to see them again. So out came the good old credit card...I booked 2 tickets for their gig at Parramatta Leagues, which is luckily only about 25 minutes from my house.
I conned my gorgeous friend Sarah into coming with me. Being the girlie girls that we are, we got ready together at my house. Sarah is about 5ft11 with looooong dark hair and pale skin – so with her outfit of black pants, a sparkly singlet, platform boots and dramatic dark eyeshadow....she looked very striking indeed! Extremely ‘rocker chick’ ya know?
Anyways, the show started at about we arrived at the Club at around 7pm. After collecting our tickets we raced upstairs to “X-cite”, the nightclub where the concert was being held.
Us being the conniving little girls that we are, flirted shamelessly with the security he let us in to have a look around and all. Unfortunately it was only Simone Hardy doing a soundcheck. But the security dude let us stand right at the front of the line, inside the door where no one else was....soooo...when TaxiRide strutted through the door opposite us, we had prime position . Not that we did more than wave and smile like idiots...but that’s okay, because they did the same thing.
Of course the best advantage of our security flirtation was being let in first before anyone else. Sarah skipped up the front and scored us the best positions in the house – front row centre! With me right in front of Jason...woooo! Many girls behind us were pissed off considering Sarah towered over everyone else like an Amazon woman...hmm.
Simone Hardy’s set was okay I guess. She seems like a nice, talented enough person...but her music just doesn’t grab me. Plus it kinda got on my nerves that her back up guitarist seemed to play the same 2 riffs throughout every song. A little disconcerting. The fact that Sarah and I were dead in the centre, less than half a metre away from her sorta freaked us out. I didn’t wanna offend Ms Hardy by not looking interested...but I didn’t wanna like stare straight at her face at the risk of her thinking I wanted her body or something. It was quite strange.
Finally TaxiRide came on. Yay! Unlike at The Metro, there was no dramatic rising of curtains and such, instead they just sorta ran up some stairs up onto the stage. After a bit of fussing around with guitars, plugging in endless cords and tuning...and Sarah whispering in my ear “Oh my god Tim Wild is a GOD”...they got started.
The first song being ‘Rocketship’, I was automatically all hypo – because I LOVE that song...and it sounds friggin awesome live. Jason seemed a little distracted though, during the first verse he looked down at something then hit his nose and mouth on the microphone..haha. He was trying to be subtle and cover it up – but I saw it..hehe.
I cannot remember in the exact order that they played the songs – but here’s the playlist after Rocketship – Everywhere You Go, Icecream, Back Again, Nothing in This World, Get Set, Rachel, Splash, Voodoo Doll Sin, 72 Hour Daze...I think thats it! Jason informed the crowd that Icecream is actually a ‘song about sex’, and that they had to use the ‘nice lyrics so the kiddies can listen to it’...! He then proceeded to ask the crowd “so who here has had sex before?”....haha.

The time went by so quickly, their voices sounded incredible, the mixture of their guitars and Watson’s tambourine (lol he looks so funny playing that thing)along with the backup band all provided for a totally amazing concert. Although there were some moronic girls behind us who kept pushing and screaming and shit, snapping photos every 5 seconds. It REALLY pissed me off. Needless to say I elbowed a few girls in the guts, quite deserved injuries though...*ahem* During the show all 4 of the guys noticed Sarah and I smiling and dancing around like idiots, coz we got many waves and smiles from each of them ....yay! When Tim Wild smiled at Sarah I thought she was gonna die...her legs went all jelly like and she just stood there grinning like a retard. Hehe.
Sometime during the show, one of the roadies handed Jase a video camera and he filmed us all in the front row..yay!
It sounds strange, but Dan and I had some serious eye contact going on through most of the show. At first I thought he was looking at someone else, but he wasn’t! I kept smiling at him, then he would smile back..and wink...and laugh and stuff. Then during his guitar solo in one of the songs, he came down and sat right in front of me on this speaker..and as he played looked straight into my eyes and smiled..he was like this close man! Argh! He did the same thing again when they got the crowd to sing Get Set, and I almost died once again..heheh.

Chapter 2-
As I said the time went way too quickly and before I knew it the concert was over. As we stood there looking forlorn, exhilarated and very sweaty...TR’s roadie told us front row chickies that ‘if you guys want autographs, go to the side of the stage over there and wait. They might come out.’ We really wanted to stay in the awesome front row positions to see Mark Lizotte, but we decided to take our chances and go find TaxiRide!
After a bit of pushing and shoving, we ended up near the left hand side of the stage waiting in a strange sort of line. Subtly we scooted up to the front...well we thought it was subtle, it probably wasn’t..Hehe.
Soon after, Dan himself walks out into view and all the girls rushed forward. He walked straight up to me and introduced himself! He signed my CD booklet, and sorta held my hand, looked straight into my eyes and said something like ‘thanks heaps for coming, I appreciate it’...I’m just like “aaahhhh yeh! You guys rocked!”...hehe. Then Timmy Wild walked over, chatted for awhile and signed my CD booklet. Then Jason walked out and all the girls went mental, screaming and pushing and stuff. Somehow Dan ended up right in front of me again, and witnessed me getting squished into a wall by an over zealous fat girl trying to get his autograph.
As she tried to shove her hand through the space between Dan and myself, he grabbed my hand and said “Do you want to come back?”. I just stared at him and blabbed “what?” and he smiled and repeated “Do u want to come backstage?”.
So of course I was like “Yes! That would be cool!...Can I bring my friend?” and he smiled once again and said “Sure man!”. So I turned round to grab Sarah’s hand and she’s like “Ahhh what’s happening?” and I’m pointing at Dan trying to mime ‘we are going backstage with him’. Hehe. Then we went to walk off with Dan and I feel this arm grab mine really hard and yank my backwards. I look over and there is this butch looking security woman shouting at me ‘You can’t go back there young lady, get back here right now!’. And I’m like “What??? Dan INVITED me...let go of my friggin arm!”. But she kept grabbing it so hard, I even had bruises the next day..argh what a bitch! I kept repeating to her “He’s in the band and he invited me!” and she’s like “ I don’t care! You’re blocking the fire exits!” LOL...what a dickhead, the FIRE EXITS?! Whatever!! So I got Dan’s attention and said “Daaan, she won’t let me through!!” he walks up to her and is like ‘Yeh she’s with me’. And STILL the psycho woman all ‘I don’t care, she’s not allowed back there’. Then Dan got really pissed and like shouted at her “Look lady, she’s WITH ME OKAY. I am in the band, and she’s coming backstage with me. LET HER GO RIGHT NOW!” Hehehe yaaay! So she finally let me go, Dan grabbed my hand and I grabbed Sarah’s and off we walked backstage together. Needless to say all those girls there were giving us the FILTHIEST;)
As we walked off together some guy called out (it was either Jason or one of the roadies) like ‘Make sure you sign some tits Dan!’...hahah.

So anyways, Dan asked me my name, then Sarah. As we walked into their dressing room we said g’day to Watson and Dan introduced us to him, he gave us this huge grin...=)
Once we got in there, Dan introduced us to everyone in the dressing room...u know, their roadies and the back up musicians and all. He goes “You guys wanna a drink?” and Sarah being the yobbo that she is replies ‘Yeh man, I would LOVE a VB!”..haha. Dan’s like “serious? I love VB ya go!”. He asked me again and I had to say “Nah, I can’t Im driving...”. Dammit, why do I drive on nights like that...argh! So Sarah sat down and made herself comfortable with her VB...haha. Dan sat down next to her and he’s like ‘Come on Kiera sit down man, make your self comfortable...sit next to me!’ and like patted the seat. So I did what he told me too...haha.
So us 3 sat there chatting for ages...we all got along really well! Dan told me he was totally exhausted and needed sleep really badly, then he like rested his head on my shoulder for awhile and he said ‘I’ll just go to sleep here, this is a GREAT place’...hehe.
Then Jason walks in, walks straight up to Dan and me, leans down and like pretends to put his hands on my boobs and says loudly – “These are the fabulous pair of breasts that kept distracting me out there, I couldnt f*cking concentrate!!!!”
I just sat there stunned for a bit, then I started to laugh and just smiled and said “Ummm yeh hi Jason, my name is Kiera..”. He laughed too, shook my hand and said like ‘sorry about that, but you do have f*cking fabulous breasts’...LOL.
Then Dan leans over and puts his arms around me and hugs me and he’s like “Oi Jase, f*ck off man...shes mine, shes taken!”
And Jase is like “oh yeh? Well we’ll see about that huh!” They were pretending to fight over me, it was so funny! I’m just sitting there shaking my head going ooooh my god...hehe. Then Jase is like ‘Ill be back in a sec, gotta get a beer and a cigarette!” and trotted off. Dan leant over and put his hand on me knee and said quietly in my ear ‘Sorry about Jason, hes a little bit...ahhh...forward ya know?”. Im just like...”nah it’s okay, Im used to’s cool”. He gave me the cutest smile and he says shyly – “He’s right though”. And I asked “About what?” and he says “You know...your boobs...” and giggled...hehe. I’m like “ummm thanks..I think..hehe”. was so funny, Jase and Dan are such flirts!
After a bit Jase came back and sat down next to me, and offered to sign my CD booklet. I gave it to him and he said...”Aww, I don’t have anything to lean on...can I lean on your back?” and like smiled evilly..hehe. (we were sitting rite next to a he could’ve leaned on that LOL). So who am I to refuse Jason? He leant on my back and signed it, then as he tried to pull it off my back it got stuck..coz I was so sweaty..LOL how EMBARASSING. He’s like “what the f*ck?’re all sweaty”. I’m just laughing thinking ‘someone kill me rite now’ hehhehe. And he was all proud like ‘Look Kiera, I drew you a flower...aren’t I clever?’...and I said “Hmmm yeh Jason, thanks alot your a real artist..” hehehe.
So then Jase and I talked for a bit, about music, traveling, touring, alcohol...etc etc. He told me the next single was gonna be either Rocketship, Can You Feel or 72 Hour Daze. He’s like “awww I dont want Can U Feel its cool and everything, but it isnt a single. I want 72 Hour Daze!” and I said “Why?” and he goes “Coz I wrote it!”...LOL
Then Timmy Wild came in and Jase introduced Sarah and I to him. Timmy offered to sign my CD booklet and stuff, and we chatted for awhile...he is SO hot in real life. I couldn’t stop staring at his arse the whole is SO nice...hehe.
Anyways, Sarah and I talked to Dan for some more after that...and it turns out they are doing a promo thing on Hamilton Island in late January...the same week I am up there on holidays!! Dan’s like ‘who ya going with?’ and I’m like ‘uhhh my family...yech’. So he’s like ‘well we can save ya, we can all go out and get pissed together!’
Hehehe, I’m like ‘yeh awesome, sounds good to me!’. He goes ‘So how we gonna get in contact...umm u want my mobile fone number?’. Of course I said yes! He told me as I wrote it down on my CD booklet. Then he goes ‘can I get your number?’ heheh. Sarah put it into his fone for him..(we realised later she put the WRONG number in...ahhh im gonna kill her lol).
Sarah is like ‘oh my god its sooo hot in here, Im dying!’ and Dan and I agreed. Dan looks over at the showers (their dressing room was actually a football players dressing room...with all these showers and shit..haha) and hes like “Hey, lets all have a shower together! Okay, clothes off girls!”..heheh.
I said...’Yeh good try Dan...hehe. Only if you guys get naked too!’ And Jase is like ‘well you know I would take my clothes off, but you know, I would stun you all with my awesome physique..I am just SO built’ (he was being sarcastic hehe).
Dan’s still like’awww come on, well keep your clothes on then...Jase what do ya reckon..wanna have a shower with the girls?’. And Jase like perks up and goes ‘yeeeeh group shower baby!’..hahaa. I’m like ‘uhhh guys, I have a white top on. It will go see I don’t think so!’. And both of them are like ‘yeeeeh even better’..haha. Jase is all like ‘yeh we can have a wet tee shirt competition!’...LOL.
Then Dan’s like...’Hey Jase, Kiera is going to Hamilton when we are there!’ and Jase like stands up and goes ‘Will you be wearing a bikini?”....hahaah...I’m just like “Uhh...yeh possibly” and he’s like...”Yeh baby yeh!”...LOL. God he is such a perv, its so funny!

Hmmm...well we hung out with them backstage for a little over an hour, so of course we talked SO much...but I’m not gonna tell you EVERYTHING...specially what Dan said...god he is SO sweet. I wanna keep some things to myself =)
But a few funny things that happened are-
– Sarah grabbed a piece of paper and goes to Timmy Wild – ‘hey Tim pose for us man, we can draw u a portrait’...and hes like ‘yeh? Okay hang on’...then did this really cheesy pose..haha. Sarah drew this extremely crappy picture, like one a little kid would We showed him and he’s like ‘gee, thanks girls...that will go on the next album cover...hahaha’. Im like ‘hey Tim are you being sarcastic? How DARE you...we are fabulous artists...the next Picassos man!’...hehe he just laughed.
Then Jason is like ‘hey Kiera, why dont u draw a picture of me?”...Im like “aaalllrite, well pose for me then”. So he leans back in the chair doing this really girly pose..haha. So Sarah and I just put spiky hair, coloured glasses and a nose ring onto the picture of Timmy..and made him into Jason..haha. Tim comes back and goes, ‘Oi! Wheres my portrait, I wanna keep it’...we showed him and said ‘oops..we made u into Jason’...and he pretended he was all hurt..haha.
Ummm...oh yeh Jason did a very funny impression of Mark Lizotte...hehe. And I’m like ‘oi Jase, don’t be rude...your just jealous coz he got a better dressing room than you!’..and hes like..’yeh thats true’..hehe. Jase also did an impression of Killing Heidi singing, Sarah went mental at him like ‘Jason, shut up I love that song!’ he just stuck his tongue out at her...very
Dan asked what were doing after, and he said ‘yeh man come to the city with us!’...we both really wanted to, but Sarah had to work the next we had to say no. Dan’s like ‘yeh okay I get the message...’ and pretended to cry and be upset..hahah. I wish we had have gone out with them to the Iguana Bar woulda been fun, but we couldn’t!

It was so funny when Jason was going mental coz he couldn’t find a cigarette, he’s like rummaging through the whole dressing room ‘where’s a f*cking cigga??? Oh my god if I don’t get one soon I’m gonna chuck all of yas out!”...hahah. And he kept thinking he lost his can of beer, or someone stole it....’someone stole my beer, shit where is it???’..hehe.

I embarrassed myself so badly at one point. I walked up to big Tim and asked him “Hey Tim can u sign my thing?”...and he like looked down at me and laughed....’Your THING? What thing is that?’ and like giggled evilly. I like hit him on the arm and said ‘My cd booklet you dirty bastard!’....hehe. He’s like ‘awwww I thought I was gonna get lucky. It’s like woah it suddenly got hot in here...haha’. And he told the whole dressing room ‘hey guys Kiera wants me to sign her thing...whaooo!’...hhaha I was so embarrassed! Then he embarrassed me even more, when he found the bit where Dan’s fone number was...he held it up in the air and said really loudly ...’wwoooooooooooooo.....oooohhh....what’s this huh? Wooooo loooveeersssss’....LOL...Dan was like ‘shut up Watson’ but he laughed. How embarrassment!!!

So after a bit over an hour, they decided to go to the city and everything. We helped them carry some stuff out, then said our goodbyes. Dan and Jase gave us the guilt trip like ‘you guys are pikers, I can’t believe ur going home and not coming out with us..’ Again we told em we really couldn’t so they got all ‘fine then...sheesh’..haha. But its cool, Jase gave Sarah and I a huge bear hug each and a lovely kiss...whaooo =) Dan grabbed me and hugged me really tight for ages, and kissed me and said ‘call me okay? Can’t wait to see ya in Hamilton!’. Then we said bye to the 2 Tims and the roadies and stuff...and as we walked off Jase and Dan were waving like idiots..hehe.
We walked through this group of TR fans and they were all like ‘oh my god you bitches’...haha.
Sarah and I kept calm until we got out of their sight and we just went mental like “ahhhhh oh my god that didn’t just happen??? AHHHH TAXIRIDE OH MY GOD!”...hehehe. We met up with these 3 heaps cool chicks that were in the front row with us and told em what happened and they all freaked out like ‘NO WAY MAN’..hehe.

So anyway, that is pretty much it. There is heaps I haven’t said, but I wanted to tell you guys the main you can see how funny they are, and what an awesome time I had.
I realise alot of it probably seems unbelievable, but I swear everything I have written is 100% truthful! They weren’t what I was expecting....especially Jason...he is very ‘forward’ as Dan put it..hehe. Anyway, they are all awesome guys...and I hope I get to see them in Hamilton.

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