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CNN 'Showbiz Today' - June 21/99

Taxiride talking about the Aussie music scene.

JASON SINGH, TAXIRIDE: The music scene in Australia is just fantastic because there's a venue on every corner. If you want a gig, you can play anywhere you want. Everything's just really well received.

SCHEERER: While American sounds like the Backstreet Boys and TLC are topping the Australian charts, Aussie musicians continue to make an impact on the U.S. music industry.

SINGH: We're riding off a couple of people that have done really well like Natalie and Savage Garden and, you know, INXS. I think people are starting to take Australian music a lot serious -- a lot more serious.

Channel [V] Australia - April 13/99

Taxiride, the latest Australian signing for Warner Music will make their debut on the soundtrack to the upcoming Matthew Broderick movie "Election".

The song Get Set has been chosen for the soundtrack and will rent space on the CD with Sebodah, The Commodores and Damnations TX.
Taxiride are still to release their debut album in Australia but showcased their talents to the Australian Radio Industry last November at the Australian Radio Awards (RAWARDS).

The band have been signed to Sire Records in the USA and Get Set was last week the 3rd most added song in Radio and Records.

Warner Music Australia's Profile on Taxiride - 1999

For a few months we've been telling you about this incredible new Australian band called Taxiride. Well standby your sets 'cause Taxiride have finished recording their debut album in the USA and have returned home to finally hit the airwaves. Their first single is called "Get Set" and in it's first week at radio was added to more radio stations' playlists than any other song in the last three years.

You can hear "Get Set" on the radio stations below;
SA: SAFM, SUN FM, 5CC, 5AU, 5YYY, HOT 100, 3D

Taxiride are four guys from Melbourne (on the 'Get Set' single cover, from left to right; Jason Singh, Tim Wild, Tim Watson and Daniel Hall) who write, play and sing their own songs. Truly amazing vocals and fantastic songs.

Their talent has seen to it that "Get Set" has been picked up for the soundtrack to the forthcoming MTV movie "Election" (starring Matthew Broderick). "Election" has just been released in America to great reviews and should hit our screens on July 8. You will see some of the scenes from "Election" in the video clip to "Get Set", which has been hitting TV screens from the end of May.

Taxiride will be performing at in-stores nationally in early July and the album "Imaginate" is just having the finishing touches put on it and should be ready for release by late August / early September.

Taxiride have made a great entrance, now "Get Set" for the ride of your life!"

REVIEW: Taxiride, Imaginate (Sire)

Another pick-of-the-litter band has popped itself head and shoulders above the crowd of movies that has marked the beginning of another summer season by way of that elusive perfect, catchy tune. With roots tucked firmly in '70s-style electrified folk, and exploding outward with glorious four-part harmonies, the Melbourne, Australia, band Taxiride upholds a long and rich tradition of Australian pop music with their debut Imaginate. The first single, "Get Set," is featured on the soundtrack for the dark comedy Election.

This glossy, stylish sound is equal parts Seal -- in the strength of the arrangements and musicianship ("Rocketship" and the aforementioned "Get Set") -- and another part that is Simon & Garfunkel and CSN in the revitalized art of rock harmonies ("Can You Feel," "Ditty"). The buffing given by uber-producer Jack Joseph Puig reveals a definite ghost of Jellyfish floating around this charmed little release on both ends of the spectrum, from the almost acapella and sweetly sad "Let Me Die Young," to the giddy Sgt. Pepper moment in "Ice Cream."

If anything, Taxiride may be a bit too perfect. There is a sense of not a note out of place, and as a result, there an edginess that was traded off for accessibility. However, this gathering of multi-faceted and multi-talented musicians is, as I said, head and shoulders above any dance-moves and harmonies-only boy group dominating the pop collective at the present. Swoon away. That's exactly what they want, but they'll truly be glad you did.
- Tracey Bleile

Artist of the Week - Taxiride - Rant N' Rave

Simply put Taxiride are way cool and they embody what sweet pop music can be. These four guys who all sing and play various instruments are a joy to listen to. Anyone who loves a silky smooth voice with velvet harmonies and catchy rhythms will dig this disc fer sure. These lads hail from Australia and have made a wonderful disc, there's not a snoozer in the bunch. Sure they steal bits here & there from rock's past, like the sweet harmonies and guitar licks of "Can You Feel" which has a Simon & Garfunkel or CSN&Y feel to it. "Can You Feel" by the way has lyrics lifted from WWII letters between member Tim Wild's grandfolks, cool.

"Get Set" with its strong Seal like vocals and "Rocketship" both throw in a bit of Indian instrumentation for an almost 60's feel. Both "Everywhere You Go" and the simply awesome "Ice Cream" both are a bit Brit influenced. "Everybody" is way Beatle-esque AND Oasisish and maybe even a little bit Babys-ish (as in John Waite) Anyway, These Aussies seem to have a very firm grip on the perfect pop form as heard on the other Brit influenced tune "Ice Cream" which is funky in the way that "Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me & My Monkey " was with a bit of "Penny Lane" and "Savoy Truffle" ------ See B for Beatles!!!!!!

Also ------- See B for Beach Boys because Taxiride seems to have taken lessons from them as well as they deliver THE sweetest harmonies I've heard in a long ass time!!!!! Sure, they're sappy here & there and its no secret, they are dangerously close to being in the Backstreet or NSync department. But trust me, these guys are so much more!!!! So they deliver a sappy line sometimes, big deal, because the pros here far outweigh the cons.

Basically the harmonies are heaven sent and there's lots of clever instrumentation going on here making these songs immediately lovable. And while some bands would kill for one great singer, these guys have managed to be 4 for 4 in that area. This is a pure and original pop record with some killer tunes that will stick in your head for a long time.

They are worthy!!!!!!! They are worthy!!!!!!

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